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Tuning, Repair, and Restoration Piano Services in Northern Virginia and beyond!

Every piano deserves to be treated with love, care, and attention to detail. Having spent the last 50 years maintaining and restoring nearly every piano make and model, Fairfax County Piano Tuners’s piano tuning services are second to none.

At Fairfax County Piano Tuners by PianoCraft, we’re as familiar with the inner workings of your piano as we are with the backs of our hands. We perform our piano maintenance services meticulously, adhering to the highest level of craftsmanship we’ve set for ourselves. Our world-renowned services are now available in Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington, Ashburn, Chantilly, Fairfax, Falls Church, Sterling, and Tyson’s Corner.

Piano Tuning Services

Fairfax County Piano Tuners has highly-trained piano tuners who can perform 
tuning services
in and around Northern Virginia. A registered piano technician can conduct a thorough assessment of your instrument right from your home. Tuning and other maintenance services can be performed from there.

will conduct a series of tests throughout the process to ensure the accuracy of their work. If further repairs are needed, our technicians will recommend the necessary repairs to restore your piano to its prime condition. We work closely with our clients in all that we do so we’re always ready to meet their needs.
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piano regulation and maintenance and piano service in Northern Virginia

Piano Maintenance

The changing of the seasons in Northern Virginia, as well as constant usage, alters all of the components in your piano. To make it sound full and balanced all year round, regular maintenance services are best. Our piano experts recommend that regular piano maintenance services, including piano voicing and regulation, are done every 6 months. 

Fairfax County Piano Tuners has highly-skilled registered piano technicians who can mend an unpleasant tone. Through special piano voicing services, we can adjust the tone and quality of the sound to suit your taste. We can also improve the sensitivity of its keys with regulation.

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Piano Regulation in Fairfax County

Fairfax County Piano Services offers world-class piano regulation services tailored to meet the unique needs of every piano owner in and around Northern Virginia. Our trustworthy experts specialize in a wide range of services, ensuring your instrument is always in prime condition. Whether you need tuning, voicing, or a comprehensive assessment, our professionals are equipped with the right tools and expertise to deliver top-notch results right from the comfort of your home.

Throughout the regulation process, our team conducts extensive tests to guarantee the accuracy and quality of their work. If your piano requires additional repairs or adjustments, our technicians will provide you with detailed recommendations to restore its optimal sound and performance. At Fairfax County Piano Services, we prioritize our clients' satisfaction, working closely with them to address all their piano-related concerns.
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Piano Repair

The piano is a complex musical instrument, consisting of thousands of parts made of wood, felt, and paper. All of its parts expand and contract due to changing temperature levels or constant usage, causing the piano to go out-of-tune. Our highly-skilled piano technicians can work on any piano, regardless of its condition. With our expert piano services in Northern Virginia, your piano will be working again in no time!

Climate Control

Pianos are at their prime condition when housed in a controlled environment, ideally between 68 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit with a 42% humidity level. Installing a piano humidity control system makes it easier for you to protect your piano from the cold winter months and humid summer months of Northern Virginia. Our Damp Chaser Life Saver Climate Control system protects your piano all year round.

Piano Restoration

We can bring any piano make and model back to life. In our 50 years of service, we've had the privilege of restoring some of the oldest and grandest pianos in use today. Our craftsmanship is on display in world-renowned concert halls, museums, and universities around the world. As seasoned musicians ourselves, we not only excel in piano service in Northern Virginia, we understand the instrument from a musical point of view as well!

Piano Refinishing

We're excited to announce that Fairfax County Piano Tuners now offers specialized piano refinishing services! Whether your piano needs a touch-up or a complete makeover, our expert team is ready to restore its elegance and charm. Experience the transformation as we bring new life to your beloved instrument, ensuring it continues to be a source of joy and music for years to come.

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