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Fairfax County Piano Tuners is the premier piano tuning company in Annandale, Virginia, providing professional maintenance and restoration services for piano enthusiasts and artists of every skill level. Our certified technicians can thoroughly assess the condition of your piano and perform the necessary repairs from your home. We also have a world-class repair facility where we can fix the most severely damaged pianos. There’s not a problem our company can't fix. Get in touch with us to find out more about our services in Annandale, VA!
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piano restoration and repair in annandale va

Bringing 50 Years of Piano Tuning in Annandale

Owning a piano is a privilege that many won’t experience. However, there’s a certain amount of care needed to keep the instrument in its prime condition. At Fairfax County Piano Tuners, we offer a comprehensive range of premium piano care services for all piano makes and models. We can keep your piano in excellent condition all year round and maintain it year after year. We go the extra mile to make our services as painless as possible for our clients.
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Full-Service Piano Tuning Company in Annandale, VA

Piano Voicing

Every piano comes with its own unique voice. Often, it doesn’t always fit the client’s personal preferences. At Fairfax County Piano Tuners, we have highly-trained piano technicians who can mend any unpleasant tone and modify it to suit your taste.
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Piano Repair

Fairfax County Piano Tuners’s professional technicians have the knowledge and experience to fix any piano, regardless of their condition. We offer complete in-home piano repair services in Annandale, VA and beyond.
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Piano Regulation

Even if you don’t use your piano as often as you like, all of its components will shift and expand over time. Piano regulation services are necessary to keep its keys responsive, smooth, and a delight to play with. It also keeps the voice full, beautiful, and gratifying for the ears.
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World-Renowned Piano Restoration

No matter how severe the damage, Fairfax County Piano Tuners can bring life and beauty back to your piano. Our professional piano technicians have the skills and experience to service any piano from our state-of-the-art facility, where we use a combination of cutting-edge tools and age-old craftsmanship to restore it to its prime condition. Some of our best restoration works can be found in institutions, concert halls, and museums around the world.
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Piano Humidity Control Systems

Summers in Annandale, VA can be quite humid and warm while winters can be cold. These drastic shifts in humidity and temperature levels aren’t the best conditions for any piano. At Fairfax County Piano Tuners, we can protect your piano from environmental influences, giving you exceptional keyboard control and tonal quality in every season. As certified Installers of Dampp Chaser’S Piano Life Saver Systems, you can rest assured that our humidity control systems are top notch.
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