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Piano Care Solutions for Northern Virginia

A piano is a very complex yet delicate instrument that needs proper care and maintenance. No other piano tuning company in Arlington VA can take care of your piano like we do at Fairfax County Piano Tuners. In our 50 years of service, our state-of-the-art rebuilding facility has become world-famous for our use of quality materials and our adherence to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Get in touch with our full service piano companyto learn more about our world-renowned services.
Piano tuning in arlington VA
piano repair and restoration arlington VA

Serving Your Piano Tuning Needs in Arlington, VA

Fairfax County Piano Tuners offers a wide range of on-site piano tuning and maintenance services in Arlington, Virginia and beyond. Our services are available for piano owners and musicians of all skill levels. Every piano that comes into our care is handled with the premium quality materials and cutting-edge tools. We always give every piano the same amount of love and care, regardless of their age, quality, and value.
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Our Arlington Piano Tuning & Other Services

Piano Voicing

A piano’s tone deteriorates over time due to frequent use or environmental influences. Fairfax County Piano Tuners can make sure these gradual changes never lead to devastating consequences. Our registered piano technician can carry out periodic piano voicing services to ensure your piano’s sound never gets too harsh or too soft over the years.
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Piano Repair

Whether your piano has a mechanical or case problem, Fairfax County Piano Tuners has expert technicians who can take care of it for you. Most of our repair services can be conducted straight out of your home. More advanced repair including  severe damages can be restored and repaired at our state-of-the-art facility in Fairfax County Virginia.
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Piano Regulation

Drastic changes in temperature and humidity levels will gradually alter your piano’s components. At Fairfax County Piano Tuners, we can perform ideal piano regulation services to optimize the touch and tone of your piano year after year. Our highly-trained piano technicians can make sure its tone suits your personal taste and its touch feels comfortable to play with.
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World-Renowned Piano Restoration

Regardless of the damages, Fairfax County Piano Tuners will be happy to restore any piano to its prime condition using the technical standards we developed, which were once only available for high-end pianos. Now, we are the number one piano restoration company in Northern Virginia. We treat every piano with meticulous care and adhere to the highest standards we’ve set for ourselves.
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Piano Humidity Control Systems

Arlington, Virginia has a subtropical climate with warm summers and mild winters. The seasonal changes might not be as drastic as other parts of the country, but these gradual shifts in humidity and temperature levels are enough to alter the thousands of components in your piano over time. Fairfax County Piano Tuners can install the Dampp Chaser’s Piano Life Saver to keep your piano protected all year long.
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